There are nine Board of Directors who governs the group. The Board of Directors are magnificently successful in their respective grounds. They are professionals with excellent academic background from various fields i.e. Chartered Accountant, BSC. Engineer, MBBS Doctor and MBAs.

The company chairman is now holding the position as Vice President of Bangladesh Plastic Goods Manufacturers’ Association (BPGMEA) and President of PP Woven Sacks Standing Committee.

The company has employed a set of people who are skilled and advanced in technology and business development. Along with this, the company employs qualified foreign personnel from India and turkey contractually to improve production system and motivate work force for higher output.

The skilled workers are abundant in this area and free from any kind of political and organizational unrest.

Total number of employees in Dhaka office and factory site: 50 persons

Total workers: 250 permanent workers

Number of Shift : 3 shifts / day