Dear Visitor

It is a great honor and pleasure for me that I welcome all of you to Yeakin Polymer Limited (YPL). I am much filled with happiness and deep thankfulness to be addressing you. I thanked almighty Allah for blessing us with the strength to come this far. I thank to our shareholder, all our friends and well-wishers who have supported us throughout the journey and who makes us energetic to keep going further. I cordially congratulate all of them for believing in us and the company. You know that very recent we raised our capital through IPO and investors have shown there keen interest to our company. We became very much pleased on their interest. Hopefully we will be able to continue our progress in this industry through capacity building, diversify the products with confirmation of international standard quality and to give better service than expectation and also by creating market in abroad. We would continue to strongly focus on links between technological innovation, advanced methods of production considering the latest environmental protection issues by which we will be able to making a visible contribution to the GDP of Bangladesh. Yeakin Polymer Ltd is thinking always the welfare of the society particularly the communities in the area where the company established. Our corporate social responsibility efforts are mainly focused to create employment opportunity for rural peoples and to assist government’s industrial decentralization policies. 

Thank you.

Quazi Anwarul Haque